24 MAY

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How does the Pharma Meeting Brazil invitation system work?

- Access to the interactive online system is granted to participants after their registration is confirmed. The system entitles participants to include their business information (including products and type of partnership of interest, and names of contact persons); to view the profile of other participating companies; to invite potential partners; and to accept or decline invitations from other participants.

I received an invitation but have to decline it. Is it possible to send a message explaining the reason?

- - Yes. Participants who decline the invitation may send a message to the company that requested the meeting via the interactive online system.

May I decline an invitation after having accepted it?

- - No, meetings already scheduled cannot be cancelled.

Is it possible to cancel invitations sent?

- - Once invitations have been sent, they cannot be cancelled.

Is there a deadline to respond to invitations?

- Yes. After three days, unanswered invitations are automatically cancelled by the system.